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Here, you’ll find no-nonsense advice on channeling boundless creativity, Q&A interviews with thriving multi-hyphenates, and vulnerable stories from the creative path. Plus, groovy collage art!

Together, we’ll explore:

  • Your “why” How to define your artistic “why” when your “what” changes all the time.

  • Your value – How to value and validate your multidimensional creativity within a culture that wants you to pick a lane and stay in it.

  • Your process How to get started, embrace your style, and make progress on the projects you care most about.

  • Your time – How to quiet the voice of resistance and prioritize your creative passions.

  • Your sanity – How to deal with questions that buzz around your brain at all times (like “Am I really an artist?” or “Should I turn my hobby into a side hustle?”).

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Who is Multifaceted for? 

It’s for Renaissance people and jacks of all trades. Scanners, multi-hyphenates, and multipotentialites. Serial hobbyists and side hustlers. Multipassionate dreamers and doers who just love trying all the things.

In other words, this newsletter is for anyone who juggles several creative interests and wants to know they’re not alone. 

And, to be totally transparent…It’s for 20-something me who struggled to find her way through the college and early career years – when we’re supposed to do the impossible and pick a focus. (Quarter-life crisis initiated!)

During that period, I found comfort and clarity in resources like Margaret Lobenstine’s The Renaissance Soul, Barbara Sher’s Refuse to Choose and I Could Do Anything if I Only Knew What It Was, and Emilie Wapnik’s Puttylike blog. 

Writing Multifaceted is my way of continuing the conversation, sharing what I’ve learned, and connecting with other creatives who are figuring it all out, too. 

About the author

Hey there! I’m Jessica Barker – you can call me Jess. 

I’m a multifaceted creative who can't stop writing, art-making, sewing, and following my curiosity. Some of my “hats” include editorial director, professional writer, fine jewelry designer, theatrical costumer, and published fashion historian, among other things. (You can learn more about my work here.)

I've taught, managed, and mentored creatives (from grade-school kids to senior writers) in a variety of settings (from an art center in Chicago, a costume shop in NYC, and a lecture hall in Paris to virtual meetings with guests around the globe). These days, I write from a cozy blue velvet couch in a historic cottage that’s just a train ride away from Chicago, Illinois.

Along the way, I've been inspired by a bunch of really cool, multi-talented people who have carved out their own paths.

There's a lot of material there – enough to help you push through your uncertainty and confusion to launch feet-first into your next creative adventure. 

Thanks for reading – drop me a line in the comments section if you’re new here. I can’t wait to meet you!

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A weekly newsletter on finding direction, delight, and fulfillment in a multifaceted creative life. ✨ No-nonsense advice on channeling boundless creativity. Q&As with thriving multi-hyphenates and multipotentialites. Plus, groovy collage art.


Multifaceted creative who can't stop writing, sewing, art-making, and following her curiosity. Editorial director, professional writer, and published fashion historian. New mama and longtime cat lady.